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Note the use of emergency lights and shopping tips​

Release date:2015-10-24

Note the use of emergency lights what is?

1, determine the installation location of lamps and power box, select the appropriate installation, and is ready to three-core cable corresponding length and five core cables.

2, within M5 hex wrench open the cable inlet of the power supply cover, remove the ballast. Will be ready by end of the three-core cable proof requirements from the power output terminal connected to the ballast tank; then the five-core cable cord from the power input terminal connected to the ballast tank; the battery inserted into the circuit board wiring corresponding battery negative terminal bit (note: red wire positive, black to negative), close the lid and secure power supply.

3, according to the determined position, respectively, after the installation of lamps and power box fixed with inner M6 Allen wrench to unscrew the lamp cover before tightening the screws around, open the front cover, the other end of the three-core cable connection press proof requirements with lamps, cover fixed before then; the other end of the five-core cable according to explosion-proof requirements connected to the mains, you can achieve lighting.

4, the ballast circuit board to pull the emergency function switch to the OFF position, the lamp can achieve external wire emergency function (without the use of wire Should an emergency, simply pull the switch to the ON position, power can automatically implement emergency Features.

5. replace the lamp, with inner M6 Allen wrench open the lamp cover around the front fastening screw, open the front cover, unscrew the old light bulb replacement bulb tighten, then the front cover can be fixed.

Fire emergency lights How to buy?

1, buy fire emergency lights should pay attention to buy regular manufacturers of products, some counterfeit products in order to reduce costs, the elements are mostly used inferior products, with no time will frequent failure, resulting in undue loss to consumers . Take up the selection shake a few times, check the internal storage battery and a power transformer components are firmly fixed, if there was a noise inside, the internal component is loose, otherwise good explanation fixed.

2. Check the function switch is normal. The switch to double fluorescent gear. Then two tubes should immediately lit simultaneously, and consistent brightness and no flicker. Ear to the lamp envelope, carefully listen to the internal step-up transformer if there is leakage, if there is leakage, step-up transformer will have a "buzzing" sound.

3, power, charging indicator light should light up and listen to the internal power supply transformer cores loose if there is reason to produce "buzzing" sound. Fourth, pay attention to the use of emergency lights, lights dark, when the fluorescent lamp difficult to start charging immediately, about 14 hours on a single charge. When the long-term need, should three months on one charge, takes about eight hours.