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Detection of moving towards LED technology powers​

Release date:2015-10-24

    Lighting is the Eleventh Five, five-key support industries. In recent years, at the national and local efforts to support technology development, demonstration projects continues to increase, the introduction of a series of industrial policies, and through the application of the pilot project, and guide to promote the use of LED lighting products. These measures effectively promote the technological progress of China's LED industry. The last decade, technology and development of China's LED industry, keeping up with the pace of international development, especially made remarkable achievements in the manufacture of downstream packaging and application products.
    Relevant international standardization organizations has been gradually release the relevant standards. International Electrotechnical Commission IEC technical committees involved have many international standardization of LED products; International Commission on Illumination CIE also very concerned about LED international standardization, particularly in promoting the future standardization of semiconductor lighting has played an important role. With the development of LED technology and industry, the international discourse in our country has improved significantly in the LED field. China from the track, to participate actively leading international standards, so that our position in the international field of standardization of LED continues to increase. Meanwhile, the standardization of LED products also achieved good results, a strong impetus to industry rapid and healthy development.
    Detection and evaluation in the field of LED lighting products, China has independently developed detection technology and testing equipment, also striking, it has gradually become one of the powers.
In LED detection technology, due to the characteristics of LED products are very different to traditional light sources, LED's luminous and junction temperature are closely related, in the optical and opto-electronic parameters of the test LED products, the ambient temperature, the temperature of the heat sink or housing element The change will change the LED junction temperature changes. In LED lamps photometric tests, often light-emitting device and the lamp housing can not be separated, you need one test, it is often absolute photometric method. Some high-brightness blue LED will cause human retinal photochemical damage, according to one of the "light of the Biosafety lamps and lamp systems" IEC62471 series of standards, testing LED products photochemical damage, is currently the focus of attention the industry. In addition, LED products with long life characteristics, we are not like ordinary lighting products for long-term ignition tests must be used to accelerate certain test methods to predict the useful life of LED products.
    In response to these international focus of attention on testing techniques, the detection of the semiconductor lighting technology and equipment has been significant progress, the growing international status improved, especially in LED testing technology standards development, the country in some key international standards dominant position has been affirmed. China currently has independently developed a series of optical test equipment, optical products involve LED and energy efficiency testing, LED lamps and luminaires spatial light distribution detection, photobiological radiation safety testing and evaluation of LED products, LED accelerated life test and phosphor, Online testing. At present, China's self-developed semiconductor lighting testing equipment basically meet the domestic demand for laboratory testing, while some detection equipment exports to the internationally renowned laboratory. Such as Zhejiang University, Hangzhou, three-color Instrument Co., Ltd. for the US National Institute of Standards and Technology, NIST developed the LED thermostat metering sphere, the United States, and even international LED standard for important testing equipment. The international community has a number of experts to do the visiting US NIST study, using the device LED related optical test experiment, published in the international important research results.
    Since Congress, China's semiconductor lighting industry has made great strides. China's international standardization, from early tracking identical with the international and the beginning of this century began to actively participate in international standard-setting, to begin today, leading a number of important international standards, the right to speak our country in the semiconductor lighting international standards is also growing, on China It will have an important impact on the future of international trade. In this decade, China in the semiconductor lighting detection technology and equipment has made great progress and development, international status is gradually improving, and even obtain a dominant position in certain key international standards. LED's potential and advantages evolving over the next five to fifteen years is the LED lighting from traditional lighting into the development of alternative lighting humane era, the industry should focus on the movements of international standards, to meet the new industrial development opportunities and challenges, so Our real power shift from the industrial manufacturing country.