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About LED lighting subsidies can not offer Tender Assessment​

Release date:2015-10-24

        The tender documents from LED lighting products in China financial subsidies to promote the project can be found, the tender has three characteristics: First, the relatively stringent requirements for bidding companies, the second is part of a more objective evaluation, three is most concerned about product quality bid.

        Tender requirements are relatively strict
        In fact, China launched LED lighting products financial subsidies to promote projects, effectively promote LED lighting products into the market, but also to regulate and guide the healthy development of LED lighting companies have a positive significance. And this is fully reflected in the tender documents for the tender business claims.
        The tender is relatively strict requirements for bidding companies. Bidding documents, the bidder must be in the territory of People's Republic of China legally registered manufacturer of the tender product; it must have a certain design, production, manufacturing capabilities, products must tender by the bidder's own production, manufacturing; cast LED lamp, reflective self-ballasted LED lamps each with an annual capacity of not less than 200,000; cast LED street light, LED tunnel lights each with an annual capacity of not less than 30,000; bidder must have independent legal personality, its registered capital of not less than 50 million yuan; bidders should have strong research and development, testing capacity, with a sound quality management system, production processes and products are technically advanced in the industry; the bidder has not occurred due to the semiconductor lighting (LED) product quality Commercial disputes arising; the last two years did not involve the semiconductor lighting (LED) production and supply situation of legal proceedings; bidders credit and financial condition; bidders must have a sound service system and capacity; bid people cast products subject China Development and Reform Commission issued the "semiconductor lighting technology requirements (2010 Edition)", and the condition 10 voluntary product certification by China and Chinese energy-saving product certification.
        More objective evaluation links
        After the evaluation, an evaluation expert said evaluation work the LED lighting products in China financial subsidies to promote projects for evaluation specialists, despite large differences in terms of offer, but the difficulty of the assessment but not great. The reason is that the evaluation of objectivity, scoring key evaluation factors provided in the subjective aspects to compare refinement, make a clear assessment on the basis of scoring, but a little discretion reviewers. As in "business qualification of bidders," the evaluation, each of the certification, patents, awards and so the corresponding score of one to two points, if there is content on this score, there will not score. In the "tender product quality," the evaluation, the bidders on the "technical requirements" to make a point every answer is met or not met, meet the score, no score is not satisfied. Similarly, quotes score is also very objective. Bidding unified calculated using the low priority that meet the requirements of the tender documents and tender the lowest price tender offer for benchmark evaluation, its price is divided out of 32 points. Other bidders Price calculated according to the following formula unity: Prices score = (benchmark evaluation / bid price) × 32.
       The only subjective ratings factors that may have an impact in the "Bidder capabilities" evaluation. Mainly related to "outreach programs, service programs of" and "put into operation since the business case, investment in production equipment, the annual production capacity of nearly two years and the actual sales situation," the two.
        Evaluation factors are key
        Rating Factors and scores from the distribution settings for this tender is not difficult to see that product quality has become the bidding tender score the highest proportion of scores items, assign scores of over 45 points, while the price of entry to 32 separated second place, Bidder capability and business qualification of 15 points and 8 points.
       Product quality in the bid evaluation, technical evaluation factors assigned scores up to 42 points, becoming the most core evaluation content, and product appearance (weight, material, etc.) is just 3 points. Thus, the key factor indicates the technical evaluation.
    Tender documents show that the technical evaluation factor LED downlight up, including power, lumen area distribution, the initial correlated color temperature and other 10 content. Reflective self-ballasted LED lights include power, initial correlated color temperature and so on nine content, and LED downlights less area compared to a luminous flux distribution. The LED street lamps and tunnel lamps include only power, initial correlated color temperature, etc. 7 content.