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Dialysis sleepy home lighting of the LED light source​

Release date:2015-10-24


    Now the industry, LED is being countless entrepreneurs development of production, but also in the engineering field and outdoor lighting has occupied a very important position in the market, but when refined to home lighting, this market could be said or a potential shares. How can LED light source into the homes of ordinary people is countless merchants headache. Now we come to explore the future of LED home lighting direction.

  Energy-saving light incandescent withdraw from the competition very tricky

  Last year, the state issued out incandescent roadmap decision from October 1, 2012, banned the sale and import of 100 watts and above ordinary incandescent lighting; to October 1, 2016, banned the sale and import of 15 watts and above ordinary lighting incandescent lamp, which means that incandescent year will gradually withdraw from the stage of history. According to industry estimates, the market size will be formed after the phase-out of incandescent lamps up to several hundred billion dollars, who will dominate this market have a closer look.
    Sales of energy-saving lamps currently in second and third tier cities is incomparable, but the concept of energy-saving lamps are not saving as consumer awareness increases, improvement of living standards gradually realize energy-saving lamps contain mercury (commonly known as mercury) element is a kinds of toxic substances, is not conducive to human health.
    As an ideal substitute, LED light source will become a trend in future market-oriented one. The world's largest Lighting Fair Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition founder Dr. Pan Wenbo told reporters that China is incandescent production and consumption country, the stock of incandescent about 15 billion, annual production and sales of about 3.85 billion and 1.07 billion. "Out of incandescent road map," the official announcement on the LED lighting industry, and energy-saving lamp industry will form a long-term positive, only replace existing incandescent formed market scale will reach several hundred billion dollars.
    And according to "national" five "scientific and technological development plan", 2015 semiconductor lighting occupy more than 30% domestic market share in the general lighting, the output value is expected to reach 500 billion yuan, and promote China's semiconductor lighting industry into the world's top three. Experts assert that the next few years, total domestic LED lighting market will reach one trillion yuan.

  LED light source technology has the molding

   Domestic LED lighting industry is relatively concentrated distribution, has formed four regions Pearl River Delta, Yangtze River Delta, the southeast region, Beijing and Dalian and other northern regions, each region basically formed a relatively complete industrial chain, Dalian, Shenzhen, Xiamen, Nanchang four LED districts already have mature production base.
    On the one hand due to the community's lack of full understanding of LED lighting, LED lighting products, compared partly because of higher prices of traditional lighting products, LED penetration has been difficult to satisfactory. March 20 this year, the Ministry of Finance, Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Science and organizations "2012 semiconductor lighting products financial subsidies to promote the project" in Beijing for domestic public tender, from across the country nearly 110 business representatives of 300 bidders participated in the tender activities. Including LED downlight for indoor lighting, reflective self-ballasted LED lamps, and LED lights for outdoor lighting, LED tunnel light LED products are classified as tender product. National Development and Reform Commission made it clear that in 2012 the Chinese government will spend 40 billion yuan for the purchase of LED lights, LED lights provide users with 30% of financial subsidies.
    Overall, China's LED industry structure higher degree of industrialization of the South, Pearl River Delta and Yangtze River Delta is the LED lighting industry's most concentrated areas, the middle and lower reaches relatively complete industrial chain, focused on the country for more than 80% of the related businesses. The north is the basis of many universities and research institutions, product development strength is relatively strong.

  Technology and price is still Gordian title

  Although the market has a small number of home Zhongshan lighting companies have chosen LED as a light source, but has encountered considerable barriers still in perfect time.
Technology and equipment bottlenecks encountered. In technology and wafer production equipment LED substrate material, the domestic LED lighting industry obvious bottleneck. Innovation and patents in the field of Chinese enterprises mainly in LED packaging stage, but in the most critical of white, high-power LED lamp heat balance, durable and efficient phosphor, etc., has been enterprise technology patents in Europe, America, Japan and other countries monopoly. Brightness domestic LED lighting products, cooling, luminous efficiency and uniformity, antistatic capabilities, anti-leakage ability and quality control as compared to the level of international products is still a wide gap.
LED lack of product pricing. The smaller size of the domestic LED enterprises, industry scattered resources, especially high-power LED chip core chip is mainly dependent on imports from abroad. Single small manufacturers can only be imported from abroad costly single chip, resulting in lower bargaining power situation, so that the high cost. For individual families, energy-saving LED lamps reflect not obvious, can not save much money. LED lamps and fixtures probably more expensive than the average 3 times, ordinary people can afford, is also a problem.
    Lack of brand awareness of the large number of LED enterprises, cohabitation, product parameters times uneven, there is no independent brand, led to some patent theft, violations frequently occur.

  LED road long way to go home

  According to a report released by the Guangdong authorities, the United States, Japan and Europe LED enterprises, with more than 80% of the LED chip core technology patents, and similar enterprises have less than 10% of similar patents. For a long time, LED upstream epitaxial wafer and chip core infrastructure technology market by foreign several large industrial giants such as Nichia, Toyoda Gosei, Cree, Osram and other monopolistic, occupying the entire value chain of about 70%, which also makes China's LED industry chain the structure is very unreasonable.
Many of the bottlenecks in the development of LED industry 使到 still constrained, not like the popularity of the same energy-saving lamps. But comfort is worth celebrate the past few years more and more companies focus on LED market to find channels for their products, market-oriented competitive difference advantage; gradually strengthen their own brand of propaganda and culture; emphasis on the overall regional environment, begin standardize the market competition order, but the LED home lighting road long way to go.