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You know, "the robot toilet" Advanced with LED lights is?​

Release date:2015-08-26

Nikkei technology online news, in "42nd Japan International Machine Exhibition welfare HCR2015" on the commercial operation of the facility such as Japan Assist company exhibited with automatic wiper arm "robot toilet."

Toilet use the handrail integrated structure, it can be installed in a conventional toilet in. After the user using the toilet, using the washlet wash, then press the button on the armrest, sandwiched toilet paper "wipe arm" will appear between the toilet and the seat. Wiper arm will wipe user's buttocks through exercise. Wiper arm is equipped with a toilet paper feed mechanism.

Toilet applied to the hands and lower limbs and other vision of mobility, it is difficult to wipe complete autonomy are caregivers. Applications include lower body because there is no perception of the user, so the toilet through the handrail LED lights to inform the user visually, "now being wiped." According to reports, in order to reduce the size to the extent that can be attached to an ordinary toilet, developers pay a lot of effort.