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What LED lights with installation considerations are​

Release date:2015-08-26

LED lights with mounting PRECAUTIONS: LED lights with wiring methods

LED lights with general voltage DC 12V, so need to use switching power supply, the size of the power supply according to the power and the connection length LED lights to be. Wiring monochrome 5050 SMD LED lights to distinguish between positive and negative, in general we provide good welding power plug directly into our offer lamps with power like the above, if you do not want each LED lights are used a power source control, you can buy a relatively large power switching power supply make the mains, then put all the input power LED lights with all parallel, unified by the total switching power supply.

LED lights with mounting PRECAUTIONS: Controller Connection

LED ticker tape and Symphony of Lights with RGB controller is required to achieve the effect of changing the wiring of the time. Symphony of lights are generally common anode, which is above a lamp with a + 12V RGB three others are negative negative, wiring and control the distance of each controller is not the same, in general, simple control controlling the distance of 10-15 meters, the remote controller to control the distance of 15-20 meters, the longest can control up to 30 meters away.

LED lights with the Installation Notes: Note LED lights with the connection distance

Generally speaking, LED lights with its connection distances up to 20 meters, and if this connection is beyond the distance, the LED lights are easy to heat, the use of the process will affect the life of LED lights. Therefore, the installation must be installed according to the manufacturer's requirements, should not allow LED lights with overload operation.