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What is the difference between LED lights and light strips are​

Release date:2015-08-26

LED lights: the so-called LED lights with LED assembly refers to the strip of FPC flexible printed circuit board or PCB hard board, because the product is shaped like a band, like the name.

LED lights: LED light bar, also known as LED lights, the shape of the product as the same as a tape, plus the original main product is LED.

LED lights and LED light strips in general is universal, all refer lights with flexible; but especially flexible lights with lights that make circuit boards using FPC with lights. The lights and light bar includes two flexible light strip, one is to do with FPC circuit board, a circuit board is to do with a hard plate. Voltage general specifications using 12V DC voltage, there is also a voltage of 24V. There is a special custom-made, the voltage comparator special and useful of 6V, 9V is also useful for. General market specification is the use of lights with 12V voltage.