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Show the daily mood of environmental LED lights​

Release date:2015-08-26


     Tired of the monotony, static life? Creative life thinking small, so that every day add a different freshness! Connect Design from South Korea's desk calendar flip modeling lamp (Page by Page Lamp), in addition to practical lighting functions, each pages are designed different patterns, so you can rely on every day like upside down, every day surprise!
Why have wires? In fact, this table lamp can Oh! And with the LED lights via computer, laptop or a USB-powered, compared to the average light bulb energy saving and environmentally friendly!
    Operation is very simple, first on the final surface shading paper stuffed into cardboard fixed, turn like drawing, gently touch the lamp is turned on trapezoidal portion done it! Terrible place this table lamp is characterized in that rearmost also designed a blank page, so you can make your own design table lamps to draw your own!