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Decryption 2012 domestic LED sales embarrassment​

Release date:2015-08-26


    Recently, after careful study found that more than half of the company's business situation is worrying, most companies expect the second half of the uncertainty, the major listed companies called the LED business a barometer of the domestic market, these VCs generally optimistic about the industry and business, exactly what the problem led to such results?
Author based on listed companies in the first half semi-annual financial report, in its operating conditions, cause analysis, future expectations summarizes these keywords:
1, operating conditions: the decline in performance, profit decline
2. Analysis: financial crisis, price competition, cut costs, poor
3. Future expectations: unclear. . . . .
See this performance, we can not help very confused? Domestic lighting industry capacity of more than 2000 million, of which 30 billion yuan LED component is expected in 2012 to 2014, the industry is expected to reach 900 million expected this exponential growth LED areas of growth in the ready state, industry cake big enough, why the domestic LED market now seems like a hot potato, looking not very good to eat?
I believe that the LED lighting market some chaos, chaos may also exist within this period of time. . . . .

  First, the demand has not been transformed, businesses filed into the room

  1) lack of consumer awareness, demand transformation will take time
2012 New Year, China's LED industry policy ushered spring, from the State Department to local governments have issued policies to promote LED, local and national government's call to promote the project according to the Green LED lighting products will be put on the 2012 promotion plan But these are just stuck in the promotion of government level, and by government policies to promote only appear in a number of municipal projects, that is to say for municipal and road, you can focus on the use of LED lighting products class institutions of new construction and renovation projects, and For the application of the civil part and civil projects also need national and corporate branding and promotion through the gradual penetration to know from incandescent to energy-saving lamps energy conservation education, the East and West in the domestic flat span thousands of kilometers in depth developed a second-tier cities to class four or five towns and backward rural areas, countries and companies spent more than 10 years to promote education, although with the national quality improvement, information developed, communication facilities, energy conservation and environmental protection education has gained ground, but the green energy-saving lamps for lighting education customers produce deep-rooted influence gradual transformation of consumer LED products also take a few years to go.
Therefore, from this level is concerned, the main focus at the moment needs into the application of government and other municipal projects and civil projects and needs of the family has not been used for the conversion.
2) Enterprise sword easy road, has rarely received
Above we mentioned, enterprises in the current lack of consumer awareness of the reality of the situation, blindly entered the domestic market, and cut into the domestic civilian market, most of the civilian market by some big brands and third tier traditional lamp lighting and commercial lighting brand control, which Species obvious need asymmetry doomed these brands currently can not quickly enter the market, get a good performance.
In addition, the domestic civil or commercial lighting market, no domestic sales experience and channels of LED new brand entirely clear channel resellers domestic demand characteristics, just by virtue of the operating system policy blind enough to think there is no possibility of big gains , the lighting industry has accumulated more than ten years experience in the industry, in terms of the overall development of the industry, or in terms of channel resellers have a profound cognitive changes, the current distributor of choice for business and very careful, if we do not pay close attention to the level of demand for these channels, and blind cuts, will ultimately bring to their brand a pass 10 10 Fax 100 magnify negative reputation.
Secondly, the market capacity of 30 billion yuan, nearly ten thousand LED enterprises have to seize, an average business only three million jobs, some of the industry giants in the field of public works projects have been part of the larger share of preemption, the remaining companies caught in order to survive, some almost did not have to eat, so a lot of the recent town LED factory lease the plant, part of the small factories have closed down phenomenon is not surprising.
In the long run, LED market is still future prospects, but the company should be psychologically prepared, loneliness, identify opportunities point, positioning yourself, good long-term preparation for continued fighting, in order to have the last laugh!